A cross-platform Python3 program that takes in photographs of license plates, converts these photographs into text, and reports back information about the car based on the found license plates. I wrote the image-to-string conversion and GUI part of the application, I also managed the Git.

Source code and more technical information:


A live-updating (using WebSockets), animated, interactive webpage that displays information about various sensors attached to a Raspberry Pi. The backend is written in Go and can be run on multiple machines (the secondary machine will act as a back-up host if the primary host somehow crashes), the page itself in JavaScript (+ jQuery), HTML and CSS.

Source code and more technical information:


A project where I tried to combine my programming and creative skills into something cool. Writebotu is a robot that can draw and write things. It is written in pure AVR C++ on the Arduino. Click here to see a (low quality) video of Writebotu in action!

Source code and more technical information:

Web Design

I am experienced with HTML & CSS and can find my way around JavaScript and jQuery. See the 2D works page for some of the websites I created.

Some interesting information about the website you're on now: I write these pages using Markdown, a lightweight markup language with plain text syntax. The HTML file will automatically be generated based on a template I wrote.

This is an example of such a Markdown file:

title = "2D WORKS"

## Web design

Most of these are old mockups and versions of my portfolio website, please do not use the contact information found on these pages. The names are just random words I associate the pages with.

* [nonno](./nonno)

* [block](./block)

* [leftright](./leftright)

* [hdni](./hdni)

## Graphic design


A 3D version of the [MonkeyBizniz]( logo, click to see the video format.



In my free time I like to write programs in various languages such as C, C++, Python, BASH and Go. You can find some of my open-source Projects on my GitHub under the handle onodera-punpun.

Some of my open-source projects:

I'm a GNU/Linux and free/open-source software enthusiast and have been a package maintainer for my GNU/Linux distribution for around 3 years now. From this I've not only learned a ton of stuff about the inner workings of an operating system and managing a pubic Git, but also worked with people from all around the world.

I know how to set up a LAMP stack and can work with various database technologies such as SQL.