Cityscape project

I made these cityscapes for Monkeybizniz, intended for an Ipad Game called "Attack of the Oozeheads". The models are made and textured in Blender, the scene is rendered in MODO and post-processing is done in Adobe PhotoShop.

Transportation project

Again, work for Monkeybizniz. Blender has again been used for modeling and texturing, the scenes are rendered in Unity and post-processing is done in Adobe PhotoShop.

For some work-in-progress screenshots click these links.

Blockhead project

Train project

Assets made for an iPad game, these scenes are a collection of the various assets made. Rendered in Unity.

Some more work-in-progress screenshots, again, click these links.

House project

Reusable houses made for an education 3D Unity game.


Various assets for a 3D Unity game, created for Two Steps Ahead.

A 3D version of the MonkeyBizniz logo.

Insertion of a 3D object into real footage.

The following works are mostly little artistic experiments.